Operation Lamp Landfill Avoidance

The finish had worn and faded on these lamps and we were ready to toss them. I decided I would try to save them with some Satin Nickel spray paint.

I'm actually finished with them now. I'll post an After pic soon!
In other news, I now want to spray paint everything.
Visitors be warned! (*hmm, wouldn't he look better purple?*)

The twist might be that I sprayed paint into the wrong places and none of them will work properly once reinstalled. Not to mention the fact that the sky promptly spit rain into the open places from whence we'd removed the lamps.

Hopefully, the ending will be a happy one.




Janis said...

Those came out looking great! You are so handy, Robin. Let us know if they still work once reinstalled. (fingers crossed!)

Tracey said...

I hope that they work just fine and theres no extra water showers going on in your house!!!!

Robin said...

Janis -- Thanks. I'm going to be a little devastated if they don't work. Especially if we have to call an electrician.

Robin said...

Tracey -- I couldn't believe it started raining after we removed the fixtures. We should have taped plastic over them. Duh.