Considering traffic cone clothing line...

(note: slightly photoshopped due to the glaring lackluster properties of the original pic)

(note: ditto. see above note)

If you're following me on Twitter (I'll follow you back! Unless you sell baby-graters! Or something equally as distasteful...) you know that I'm visiting my dad and I fully expected to spend the weekend fixing his basement, due to rain and his basement's propensity to collect foul-smelling liquid when it shouldn't.

So, the good news and the bad news is -- no swim party due to rain flooding my dad's basement. And yes, we still plan to help him fix it, though Hubby says he's leaning toward hiring it out. Yay.

This happy surprise left Dad and I time to walk through the field behind his house.

Me: "Oh, what's this pretty stuff?"

Dad: "L planted it to attract deer."

Me: *Snappity, snappity with my handy camera.*

Then it hit me. "Where is L?"

Dad: "Hunting."

Me: *blink blink* "Here? Now?"

*looks down at bat garanimal clothing*

Me: "Why can't I ever dress like a traffic cone! We're going to get shot!"

Dad: "Relax, it's fine. He's hunting with a bow."

Me: *wiping sarcasm from chin* "Oh, well that's okay then."

Sometimes you just have to let go of the imagining of the worst.




Tracey said...

Sometimes you just have to let go of the imagining of the worst.

And how did that work for you??? ;)

How is your Dad doing?

Yay for Hubby hiring out the nasty job!!!

Robin said...

Ha! Not very well. Every time a big branch moved, I felt the arrow coming. Damn BIL is a good shot!

I was hoping I haven't pissed him off lately. Let's just say we have slightly different political views.

Dad is doing well. Thanks for asking. He walked all the way around the field (13 acres) with very little trouble. He's a tough old bird. :~P