This morning, the clouds reached icy fingers into my backyard, sleet. And now the wind continues, bouncing limb and vine, bringing winter hither. And I'm feeling fortunate in the quiet behind my walls, and blessed, too, for the noise that comes and goes, both are gifts, treasured.


"You have failed no one Grasshopper, only your own ambition." ~Po


This is a post-apocalyptic mac-n-cheese steam incident microwave (hint: do not run microwave while steam is wafting into its inner workings from below) after it's been dismantled by Curious Distractions office tinkerers. 
Sloppy squirrel is unimpressed, wants mac-n-cheese.



Dull is the New Shiny

So, here I am, missing my narcissistic blogging, which I hope some of you wonderful Distractions found amusing from time to time. I am thinking of giving it another go. Anyone else want to play? As luck would have it, my life has gotten exceedingly dull, so it should be awesome. Dull is the new shiny when you think of some of the alternatives, am I right?

Maybe you have some dull you want to make shiny, too? This is a thing we might be able to do together. I’m hoping. Or, maybe you have some shiny you’d like to share. That would be nice, too.

Curiously yours,



Have crew, will travel

I took this pic in San Cristobal, Ecuador, when we visited the Galapagos.